Thursday, August 13, 2015

National Homeless Animal Day...My Son and His Dog

As many of you know, my son Joseph is homeless and has been for many years struggling with alcohol and mental health issues.

Joseph has an amazing dog Hunter that has been his life for many years. He takes better care of the dog than himself, but Joseph has been sober for 10 months now and even quit smoking, but he says without his dog, life on the streets would be unbearable.

Here is an article the local paper in his area wrote about Joseph and Hunter and Hunter laying on his back in the grass: 


Sara said...

What a good article and really spotlights the continued need for services for these animals. I believe that pets make all of our lives a richer place because they love us unconditionally.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Prayers for Joseph and his loyal companion, praying for God to bless them and keep them safe, healthy and in His loving care. The article is a wonderful testament to how the love of an animal can be life saving for both the owner and the pet, I know this to be true!