Monday, August 24, 2015

WANTED...Three Amazing Quilters

I have lost a child, he was 18 months old and this was over 33 years ago, but the hole in my heart has never and will never heal.

What I cannot imagine is losing a child that has lived 10, 20 or more years when you have really got to be closer than ever, watched them grow, become what their dreams were made of.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I need at least three very special quilters to step up and take on special projects of making quilts for the parents, wives and any siblings of two of the three firefighters who died last week in Okanogan County, WA.

I say two, because one of the families has been adopted by a family that knows the pain of losing a child to one of these fires as they lost a son, brother, dad, husband to one when the Granite Mountain firefighters perished two years ago.

I cannot imagine their pain, but to step up and say, let us do this, let us reach out to one of our own, all I can do is cry and the amazing gift this family will receive during this loss.

None of us can ever replace a loved one, but I can tell you from my own personal experience, I met many families over the years that lost a child and I could reach out to them, I could hold them and talk to them, because I have been there and while it never takes away all the pain, it helps to have someone who has been in your shoes.

So, are you that quilter? Can you take bits and pieces of someone's life you read about and turn it into a quilt of healing and hope?
Can you share your amazing talents with someone you have never met and say to them...this is for you, though we may never meet, you are on my mind and in my heart?

If you are, let me know please.

As stated earlier, one of the families has been spoken for, please do not come to me and ask for a specific family as that family may have already been adopted.

Thank you!

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