Thursday, September 17, 2015

It Is Easy To Ask For Help For Others

I have set up a Go Fund Me account for my son Adam and his wife Katie.

Katie had emergency back surgery performed in April 2015 and it was not done correctly. Katie has gone from cleaning operating rooms in a large hospital to attending pain management clinic and walking with a cane. Katie can no longer hold her children or bathe them or play with them at the park.

Katie has seen a new back doctor and one that was my doctor in Phoenix and I believe is the best! Sadly, in order for him to perform the surgery her and Adam's out of pocket cost will be $5600 and with Adam making less than $12 an hour and Katie's small disability check, there is no way they can afford to pay that.

What saddens me is that we have become a nation so dependent upon drugs that insurance companies would rather spend thousands of dollars on Katie's pain medications than lowering the deductible to an affordable amount.

Adam himself has been struggling to work through pain in his shoulder and had an MRI which revealed he needs immediate surgery and 4 months recovery time.  All of which they cannot afford.

The surgeon informed his doctor of what needs to be done and Adam was placed on short term disability last evening. That means, no overtime, 60% of his regular pay and medical premiums will come out of that as well.

They used their savings recently to pay for Katie's oral surgery and found out yesterday she needs one more surgery on her teeth of which they will probably put aside.

Now Adam, needs surgery and I know they will need help to pay their medical deductible as well as help them through the next four months.

Everyone struggles now and then, but Adam has Asperger's Sydrome and rarely asks our help or anyone else's help for anything.

If you can help Adam and Katie I would so appreciate it. If not, if you can offer a prayer, I know it will help!

The Go Fund Me link is here:

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