Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sharing My Family Struggles...

My son Adam after surgery
I really just want to take a day, sit down and quilt. I have not been able to for over a month now and while my quilting area is pleasantly being swallowed up by quilts to take up to Lake Chelan and the Okanogan area after the horrible fires recently, I have no..'I made this quilt,' of my own!

It has been crazy and I just cannot figure out what is going on. If it was just our family, I would say 'okay, Lord, what lesson do I need to learn in all of this,' but it is friends as well.

A dear friend of ours just had a beautiful baby boy and within a week she was in ICU with kidney failure and spent over a month on dialysis. She is home now with better kidney function, but is being medically monitored weekly.

With a week of being home, her husband was admitted and discovered he has Guillen-Barre syndrome and he is now home having physical therapy several times a week  as he has lower extremity weakness. If you have never heard of this and I hadn't, you can find out more here at Mayo Clinic

My youngest son Adam whose picture you see at the top and this was taken right after he had shoulder surgery. Wow! His wife Katie had emergency back surgery last year and has never recovered and was seen by another doctor who told her she now needs a second surgery to fix the damage from the first. A mom of 2, she can no longer carry her kiddos and has to use a walker to get around with and has monthly pain clinic visits.

What bothers me so much about this is that her insurance company has no issue with paying for pain clinic visits and medications but needs $5600 to perform her surgery. Such craziness.

I set up a Go Fund Me account when it was discovered Adam needed his shoulder operated on and the first surgeon filled out his paperwork for his employer telling them he could NOT return to work.

Adam has Asperger's Syndrome and his family and his job is his life. Now someone making less than $12 an hour as sole support of his family has no income, because the surgeon needed $25 for paperwork, told him it would take at least 17 days to get it completed and then when they sent it in to his short term disability insurance company, they did NOT put his surgery date, so now, rent is due tomorrow and they have no income.

We have raised just under $1100 for Adam and Katie and $600 had to immediately go to the out patient surgery center or they would NOT do the surgery. He has a month to raise $988 for his surgeon, another $700 for the out patient facility and he has yet to hear from his anesthesiologist....he carries his insurance through his employer.
His medical savings is all gone due to co-pays for his wife and his Xrays. 

Adam is NOT one to ask for help. The morning of surgery he went to the food bank and asked for a food box for his family. Katie has been waiting over 7 months for an answer from social security for her disability. 

Our son Justin, recently began having back pain and it was discovered he has fractured back at his T10/T11 and cannot work for at least 4 months. This is NOT an on the job injury and they are not sure how it happened, so he sadly has been holding a sign on the side of the road to earn money for his bills.

Three weeks ago, I was seeing the doctor and just coming down our road, when I got the call my granddaughter had tried to commit suicide over a boy. We all spent 3 nights in the hospital with her, then she was sent in error to a behavior center for a week and is home now, but has already been admitted to the ER once for erratic behavior and had the crisis team out once.

We have no idea where our beautiful granddaughter has gone, but in her place is a young woman who allowed a boy to take away her self confidence, her creativity and we are determined to love her back to us.

I am NOT asking for pity, I am writing this in case your family is going through something and you need help or prayer as ours does.

Please, pray for our family and pray we get some respite soon!

My husband works a great job and does overtime every week to help everyone out. He is pain today due to having to restrain our granddaughter. Please keep him in your prayers!


barbara woods said...

praying for all

Sara said...

So sorry to hear that your family has been swamped with troubles. Hoping the worst is behind you and that everyone is on the road to healing. It does seem like family crisis comes in bunches for most of us. Prayers coming your way for everyone.