Saturday, November 7, 2015

Walking Can Be Dangerous To Your Health!

This is the shirt I purchased when I needed some new workout clothes when my granddaughter was in the hospital and I was living close by where she was staying.

I chose it knowing I was on a journey to get healthier and following a good nutrition program and walking and working out to the best my body will allow. I have dropped 22 pounds in seven weeks and continue to lose.

However, yesterday I decided instead of calling my dentist to schedule an appointment I would walk which in my mind is only a short distance away 1.4 miles and it was a great day...a bit cool so I had on my gloves, sweatshirt and hat.

I was walking a slow steady pace and all of a sudden, boom, I was sitting on the ground, face down, side of a busy country road. I sat myself up, looked around and made sure no one saw me fall (oh yes, that was my first thought).

I took off my gloves and while my hands stung, I had no damage. Thank you Lord the day was cool! My knee was hurting but my leggings were in tact, no rips. I lifted the pant leg up and here is what was underneath:
I was scraped up, but not actively bleeding, so I pulled my pants leg down and then thought about calling my hubby to help me up (with my back hardware, ankle hardware and Fibromyalgia, I have a hard time getting up if I have nothing to hang onto)since I was sitting on the side of the road in an open field.

No! I am a stubborn on, I got up on my knees then pushed myself up. Once up, I looked around again to make sure no one was watching me. I stood there for a few minutes just making sure I had no broken bones and completed my walk to the dentist, made my appointment and headed back home.

Today, every part of my body hurts, my back, my knee, my legs, my hips, my head. But I set a goal and completed it. For those who suffer with Fibromyalgia, you know how difficult it is to complete something we start. Many times I have things so planned out in my head and then my body, says, 'oh, you are funny if you think I am going to let you do this!'

I fall, I drop things and it happens without warning. So, for me, walking may need to be done with a buddy. On the other hand, Pandora on the 50's music channel or Kid Rock channel and I can finish where I started.

However, I will only walk when I have someone at home now that can come and get me if I need to get back home and can't physically make it myself!

And they told me running would be dangerous! 

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Unknown said...

Oof! That looks painful. I know how awful fibro can be. I wish you a speedy recovery, with much quilty therapy to help with that!