Thursday, November 5, 2015

Getting It All Together

Our family has been on critical mode since September when we almost lost our oldest granddaughter and I had to go out of town to be close to the hospital with her for just over a week.

During that time, I walked everyday, took time to sit on the dock and be thankful she was still with us and for the friends we have that opened their doors and hearts to us.

I came home and we have been running, Homecoming, football, soccer, wrestling, basketball, church and my living room slowly by surely was piling up with more and more quilts for those families in eastern Washington who had no homes.

Let me preface this by saying, I am NOT a patient person, however, when a disaster hits, one must be extremely patient for the numbers to roll in and I have patience to do that. While everyone was loading trucks to get what they could to the area, I sat around and waited and yesterday, I finally got the numbers I needed.

Three quilts for families in Twisp...they had no children. Seventy Five quilts is an estimate for Chelan as they have 25 families that lost their homes but at this time we are estimating 3 people per family as many are retired without children, but some may have 4 children so I am hoping it balances out and lastly, thirty Eight families in Okanogan County and I left a message today to see their estimated number needed.

My living room looks a hoarding nightmare and while my family rarely complains, I couldn't deal with it anymore this week and once I had counts, I began boxing quilts up and putting numbers on each box and location.  I will do this the night before we drive up there one more time to make sure the count is accurate.

Here is what it looks like organized:
The boxes on the right at waiting to be mailed out to 911 dispatcher/first responder families across the United States.
The quilts to the right are baby quilts with matching hats for the hospital in Okanogan County for their Maternity Unit. The boxes under those are hats going to Twisp, Chelan and Okanogan as it gets cold in that area as well as the scarves you see. 

These are the boxes and bags of quilts that have been counted that will head up to their new homes next week. The bins int he front are mine and came out of my bedroom. I told myself I would not pile quilting supplies up in our bedroom any more it makes for an unpeaceful room when there is clutter.

 More of the quilts from a side view. They are neatly stacked under and around my cutting table. Which by the way, I have been unable to get to for the past few months.

This does not include my grandsons room whose closet is full and floor has bags of quilts as well. He is so good natured about it realizing we are helping others.

I do want to give huge shout outs to our quilt shop collection points here in Washington and if you life in the area or come to visit, please make sure you stop by and say hello and tells them I sent you.

The Needle and I in Everett. Stop in and say hello to Georgia and while you are there, check out their large selection of apron patterns and kitchen fabrics! The shop does machine repairs, has machine classes and sells new and used sewing machines. 

Town Square Fabric and Yarn in Burien. If you are flying into Seattle or out of Seattle back home and have some time to kill before your flight, this shop is just a hop and skip from the airport. Stop in and say hello to Cynthia or Christina. They have some pretty awesome fabrics, yarn and supplies and offer classes as well as do charity knit and sew on Friday mornings and a quarterly charity quilting event! Just love these ladies and wish I lived closer!

Bayside Quilting and Bayside Quilting 2 in the beautiful capital city of Olympia. These ladies are very sweet, but be advised they do get very busy but they have free parking and right across from the water. 

I am praying we are able to purchase my studio next year, but right now we are taking a wait and see attitude. The shell alone will be close to $4000, then there is insulation, walls, flooring, electrical, shelving, etc.. It makes me tired think of it.

I just want to thank you all for helping me help others in this state that are in need. Special shouts out to everyone!!!


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