Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween and A Very Talented Granddaughter

Pumpkin Carving at this house was amazing!

 Even as a child, Halloween just seemed strange to me. I didn't like wearing plastic masks that made my face sweat, I hated going from house to house and tripping over things that might have been in the driveway or worrying that the older kids might come steal our candy. Why? Because when I was a kid we could go out alone and Trick or Treat, we didn't need adults to follow us from house to house.

Now, it is almost ever stranger because adults not only follow their children around, many of them dress up, carry their own bags and expect they should be given candy as well. To me, that is stranger than taking your child to a strangers house asking for candy.

However, with that said, I do not begrudge those that enjoy going Trick or Treating or the many places that have various activities for children to get candy and have fun. I am NOT that much of a Grinch! I also understand why parents follow their children around in today's day and age.

My grands have always loved Halloween and I have never told them they cannot go Trick or husband has always taken them or neighbors that have children.

Last night, however, my son and his girlfriend and their children had planned on going out as a Zombie family and trust me when I say, they had this planned out to the plastic bones sticking out of their faces.
Son and his girlfriend had hit a local Goodwill store over the past few weeks and found clothing and other props that might work. My 14 year old granddaughter has been collecting friends broken mechanical pencils for while now and I almost got on her bad list when she caught me throwing them away. Who knew?
Mechanical Pencil Bones

So, I had to share this morning what our Zombie family looked like and for the first time I think I may be looking forward to seeing what these crazies come up with next year!

Seattle's Waterfront Ferris Wheel picture taken by: Mara Leite Photography

 I leave you with one final picture of our horror movie loving, amazing make-up artist who went as a Zombie bride and BTW, did her own make-up!

  We were blessed after receiving over 3" of rain yesterday that an hour before they went out, the rain stopped falling. Hubby and I went to Costco shopping, had dinner, came home, put things away and then settled into our spots in the family room to watch some television in a quite house. 

We have lived where we do for almost three years now and due to sitting so far off the road, down a gravel road which was a mud road, we never get anyone, so our house is very peaceful!

I hope you all had Halloween the way you like to enjoy it, quietly like hubby and I or answering the door to hundreds of amazing costumed children!

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Sara said...

Looks like your Halloween was a good one. We had a nice warm evening but still had about 12 the number (83 total) of trick-or-treaters as usual. Not sure why, but the leftover candy is in the freezer. I may try to donate it to one of our dentists who buys back candy to send to our troops. Otherwise I would just eat it.

I have been noticing a lot of parents standing out on the sidewalk keeping an eye on their little spooks and super heroes. As a child of the 50s-60s, I do have fond memories of Halloween except for those plastic masks.