Monday, January 18, 2016


I am a member of Blog Lovin and so many other bloggers are as well. However, I have an issue with not being able to respond or leave comments on their posts as each time I get a response back that the email I sent did not go through.

Has anyone else experienced this? 
Does anyone else have a 'fix,' for it?

I love having a cup of coffee in the morning and reading and seeing what my blog friends are up to, but I feel sad I can't respond!


Sara said...

I have noticed this problem occasionally when using my iPad, but rarely when using my laptop. I'm not sure why. You might need to check your account settings to make sure you are signed in, etc.

There is one blog that I follow that gives me the "undeliverable" error every time, but then I've found that she really does receive the comment because she often responds. Very weird.

DeAnna said...

Bloglovin has their on "X" button on the upper right corner. When I want to leave a comment I click that "X" and it brings me directly to the blog. I then can leave a comment on that blog. Hope this helps and it works for you.