Sunday, January 17, 2016

Meta,Keta, What? Loosing the Pounds The Right Way!

I have struggled with my weight off and on for years. 

Growing up, I never had an issue, but looking back, I realized it was how and what I ate and how my body used the calories to produce muscle or fat.

Trust me, I am not going to get all scientific on you here, I am NOT that good at translating my nutritionists talks into English, but I know growing up, things were different.

I come from a family of 6, we all ate breakfast every morning (Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Eggs & Bacon, Poached Eggs (okay, so my dog ate my poached eggs...blech!) and the only time we EVER had boxed cereal was Saturday mornings because it was mom's day to sleep in!)

So, up early, breakfast and out the door to the bus stop which was NOT at the end of the drive, but about a quarter mile down the road. It was a the bus stop for all of us country kids and picked up about thirty of us.

School lunches were delicious, they were cooked by amazing school cooks who loved what they were doing and it showed in our food. Fresh salad with vinegar and oil dressing, whole milk, home made hamburger buns with our burgers, fresh veggies and desserts that melted in our mouths.  Rarely did anyone toss food into the trash and always if there was seconds there was a line.

Then it was outside to play for a full 30 minutes, running, tag, basketball, football, dodge ball, jump rope, relay races, we had a blast.  

Today, sadly as it is, dodge ball, tag, snowball tosses and anything else that might remotely cause a child to be hurt is banned. Who bans tag? As a substitute teacher, it depended on the school.

Class wasn't over at 2 or 2:15, it was over at 3:30. 

I loved Mondays, it was my moms grocery and baking day and she always made peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. We never at Oreo's, Nutter Butter's or even chocolate chip cookies growing up and my dad banned chewing gum!

Mondays you got 2 cookies and an apple for snack. The rest of the week you got 1 cookie and an apple and trust me, my mom knew how many cookies were in the Mickey cookie jar I now have.

Homework, chores and then outside until dinner.

Dinner was shared as a family with 4 at the table and 2 at the breakfast bar as our kitchen was small. MILK was the drink at the table...not juice, not soda, not water, but milk. Water was what you had the rest of the time, soda was not in our house growing up.

Dishes were done by the two of us who were chosen that evening to do them and then back outside until bath time. No snacks after dinner with the exception of Saturday night which was ice cream night.

What I didn't know what my metabolism was working like a well oiled machine because my body was getting the nutrition it needed and plenty of exercise.

Overtime, I allowed simple, quick and pre-packaged to enter my life and my families. Lucky for me, hubby and the kids are always active, but I had a sedentary job and the weight packed on and on and I would lose and gain.

Recently, I decided I had to change, something had to give I joined Body Change by John Cena the wrestler/actor and trust me, I believed it would be a waste of time and money, but it sure beat dieting.

Within three weeks, I had lost 12 pounds and continued to lose and my doctor was thrilled but sent me to see a nutritionist who loved John's plan, but tweeked it some more.

John says to eat lots of beans. My nutritionist said no beans, no starch, no sugar, no pasta, no rice, no corn, no grains and I am thinking, I am going to die!

Funny, I have lost almost 30 pounds and I am still here...I eat eggs and bacon or sausage for breakfast, nuts, protein drink, cheese stick for morning snack, salad for lunch and dinner is usually meat. I drink a lot of water, coffee or tea.

Here I am last year in Phoenix visiting with a friend and you can tell I was pretty bottom heavy.  Fast forward to yesterday exact same outfit and I can now see where I lost 30 pounds.

I still need to lose many more, but this week, I will have met my first weight loss goal of 32 pounds.

My next goal will be another 25 pounds and I know whether I exercise or not, get sick or not, develop an abscessed tooth...I can still lose by not counting calories, not eating diet food, but understanding how my body and metabolism and ketosis works to burn fat.

I cannot wait until I show the same outfit with 57 pounds gone. WOW!!! That is like 5 bags of 10# potatoes, a 5# bag and a 2# bag, now to me, that is a visual!


Sara said...

Good for you! Looking great! And I'll bet you can really FEEL the changes. I had lost 30 pounds about a year and a half ago. But in the last 6 months I've gained 20 of it back, so now I'm trying to get back into the healthier eating pattern and exercising again.

Today I refused to leave the house to go to the gym however. The wind chill is over -30 and I'm staying put.

Kathy S. said...

You look amazing! Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see you with your new look in the same outfit! Loved your reminiscing about how it was back then. So true.

Patty said...

That is fantastic! Keep up the good work.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Congratulations! What you're doing is working, and you are happy... that is communicated in your words. I loved to read your history, our childhoods sound much the same. Thank you for sharing your story!! Best wishes as you continue your journey, you look terrific, but more important than that, you feel good too!

Quiltingranny said...

Thank you all for the kind words!

Today, we have no rain, it is 45 out (I know that is summer for some of my readers) and the grands are out of school, so we will try a leisurely walk!