Monday, May 9, 2016

In Small Spaces, Fresh Air Matters

So, my last few posts have been in regards to my husband and I moving into a 34' 5th wheel we have decided to make our home.

I have shared tips on organization and tips on keeping those toilets flowing!

Now, I want to discuss smells!!

Neither my husband nor I smoke and that helps. The other things that help are equally important:
  1.  Fresh Air...every chance you get, open the windows throughout the 5th wheel, place your throw rugs outside to air out and utilize those ceiling fans. *However, I do want to caution you when using the one in the bathroom...keep the lid down or it will suck up the smell from the holding tank.
  2.  Renuzit solid air fresheners...I use them all over in closets, under sinks in cabinets** and behind the toilet. I was placing them all over the house, but hubby said they really didn't do anything.
  3. Scentsy burner. We have one, I place it on the stove top (solid cover) and it makes the entire 5th Wheel smell really nice.
  4. Candles...due to my brain fog, hubby banned candles years ago because I would walk out of the house and forget to put them out. However, I have a few Soy candles that are in little tins, I place them in a glass bowl and put one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. Mine are rose scented and delicious!
  5. Keep frying down to a minimum. I used to fry fish, chicken, chops, etc.. Now most of these things get cooked on the grill outside and if it is raining, we go out to eat!
  6. Febreze...I use it on my recliners, throw rugs and the blinds at least once a week.
  7. Keep it clean! I wash down my walls, dust weekly, mop and keep my trash can cleaned out, a bit of lemon juice down my sink drains.
  8. Do NOT leave wet towels or clothing laying around. When I need to place something in the laundry that is wet and I do laundry once a week only...I place the wet item in a zip lock baggie or put it outside to dry before putting it in the hamper. Wet clothes turn moldy fast and they smell quickly!
  9. Don't allow stinky shoes and feet in the house! My grands still come almost daily to visit after school, homework and chores and their feet are pretty deadly smelling.  They leave their shoes and socks outside, use baby wipes to wash their feet, if it is raining, you guessed it, those socks go into a zip lock!
  10. If you have a dog as we do...once a month wash their bedding and take them to the groomer for a bath. Doesn't get rid of all doggie smells, but keeps them to a minimum.
**I know many people use Cedar blocks for closets, the underbelly, cabinets, etc.. However, I am highly allergic to the smell of those and cannot use them without an Asthma flare up. 

When choosing your scents I suggest not mixing them as well as finding one that is light. Stronger smells can overwhelm an RV and those living there!

Enjoy and let me know how you handle living in a small space!

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