Monday, June 6, 2016

Love This Pan!

First and foremost, let me add a little caveat here:
*I have NOT been contacted by Greenpan and asked to write a review. I am NOT being compensated to write the following, I am doing this because I simply believe in this cookware!*

One of my Green Pans
I love the fact that my husband pays so much attention to what I am doing that he presents me with amazing gifts that make my life truly easier.

After watching me struggle with cooking due to kids that totally ruined my non-stick cookware, having my electric skillet bite the dust, at Christmas last year, hubby presented me with 5 new skillets and 2 of them are Green pans.

I was so happy and so thrilled with these, that I refused to allow them to be kept in the kitchen for fear the kids or their dad would get them and they would be destroyed.

When we were selling everything we could, I told my husband I could not possibly get rid of my brand new pans and I hoped he understood. He did! So these came along with us to the 5th wheel.

What can I say about these that would make you understand why I love them so much and why you might want to try one?

First, I read the instructions on how to care for them. 

Did you know that when you are done cooking, you are supposed to set your pans aside to cool before adding water? I never knew that. 

However, my husbands mom who was a professional cook must have because her egg pan never had a drop of water in it ever!
Mom would fry eggs, let the pan cool, wipe it out with a paper towel and put it up.

I have learned unless I get something spilled on the outside of these pans, they do NOT need water for clean up, they just wipe clean with a paper towel.

These pans do NOT require oil, butter, shortening or cooking spray to fry up perfectly fried foods and since I have been losing weight since January, this makes me smile!  Now, I am NOT saying you can't use these things, I am just saying they are NOT necessary at all.

They won't chip like traditional non-stick surfaces do and I love that!

They are induction pans and can be used on induction cook tops and in an oven!

GreenPan also makes bakeware! Who knew? They make saucepans, grilling pans, complete sets in delicious colors such as Azure, Burgundy and Turquoise and your traditional shiny or black.

What I really want is the set with a steamer insert as I steam lots of fresh veggies from our local farmers markets this time of the year, so thinking ahead, I may need to list GreenPan on my upcoming Christmas list. 

Hmmm, I wonder if my hubby will think I have finally flipped my lid if I ask for a new set of pans, a Dyson V6 stick vacuum and a new vacuum sealer?

I have discovered had I NOT sent my vacuum sealer to my son and his wife in AZ, I could have used it for my little freezer and given us a bit more room. Oh well, they love it as much as I did!

Be Blessed today!


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