Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What Is That Smell? Life In A 5th Wheel

It is amazing how when living in a large home, you don't notice the smells all the time, get used to them, some of them, definitely NOT smelly teen socks!

However, when you are living in a 34' 5th wheel with four 'pop outs, roll outs, tip outs, whatever your name for them is,' smells seem to linger longer.

Now, it is hubby, I, our Boxer and a Beta fish. 

We no longer have stinky teen feet, or a 13 year old boy and his friends who think bodily noises and smells are just the greatest, but at times, ewwww...this place smells!

I know, another stinky post, but if I can help someone else just going 'full-time,' I will do so.

We have cured the stinky potty smell. Hubby flushes several buckets of hot water down the toilet each week and then when it flows clear, he adds some orange or lemon smelling cleaner to his last bucket and flushes it out.  Works great!

Fish? Not in this place! If we want fish we either go out to eat or smoke it on the grill. Fried or baked fish smells linger for several days!  Even with all the windows and fans open.

Once a week, I squeeze fresh lemons down the kitchen sink and that helps and I never flush grease into our drains.  

I purchased a plastic grease container that has heavy foil bags, drain into that and toss them out. Saves the pipes and the smells.

I think soon I will own stock in Febreze and Renuzit as I spray Febreze several times a week everywhere, in the closets, blinds, carpet, our hoodies and coats that are hanging up, chairs, cabinets and that helps.

We also learned in a smaller home, you can't leave garbage in the can very long, so we make sure at night, the bath and kitchen trash has nothing in them that leads to stinkiness.

It also helps to get your favorite smelling oil and soak a few cotton balls in it and place it directly in the trash bag or close to the trash can.

One other thing no one thinks about and we discovered quite by accident is that your kitchen dish rag, wash rags or even dish towels go sour and in a small confined area, they really stink.

My favorite option is opening windows and the front door. Nothing works as well as fresh air!


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Sara said...

I still haven't convinced my husband that the dish rag needs to be rinsed well in HOT water and then wrung out well every time he uses it. So I end up changing it more often than normal probably. Glad you are figuring out all the "in's and out's" of RV living. I have a quilting friend who sold her home when she retired and she lives and travels in her RV full time now. I don't think I could do it.