Sunday, June 26, 2016

Make It Home

My husband keeps teasing me about all the 'stuff,' I keep adding to our new tiny home the 5th wheel. But in all honesty, this is our home, it is not something we can just pack up and take a road trip in right now as we have no other home to go to.

Right after we moved in, I began to feel if this was going to be our home for any length of time, it was going to feel homey and warm and that meant adding some comfort touches such as pictures, my grands pottery, candles, etc.

Reading Area

Here is my reading area. The couch pulls into a twin sized bed for company, the windows are large and the blinds pull up to sheer blinds or completely open and there are 3 windows in this area that open up.

If you look to the left, you can see a small wall sconce and there is another on on the other wall, so in the evenings I can turn these lights on and read. There are also two small speakers, so when I have my music on, I can hear very well.

We have an air purifier and I have my crochet supplies under the sconce. The couch holds my books, bibles, my note taking books and markers and there is a small table next to the couch that holds a basket and more books.  

I love wind chimes and I know when it comes to wind chimes you either love them or hate them. This one was given to me several years ago by my dad and step-mom and is ceramic so leaving it outside in WA winds it would shatter. Instead, I leave it where it is which believe it or not, is not in the way and at times when we walk around you can hear the gentle chimes.

Office, entertainment area
This area is one of our slides. I do not like blank shelves, I love to put homey things on them and the pictures are of hubby and I in our much younger years, but these pics have sat on our night stands since we have been married. We no longer have night stands, so I brought them into the living area.

I then added the battery operated oil type lamp, the 'Let Your Faith, Be Bigger Than Your Fear,' plaque a gift someone gave us in February, the vase my grand daughter made me, the little sailor swabbing the deck and the cross has my favorite verse of the bible Isaiah 40:31. I am still waiting to get into my angels box in storage and add a few around the house.

You will see the large coffee maker is my hubbies, the fish tank holds my oldest granddaughters beta fish 'Spike,' our landline (yes, I still use a landline!), my office center (stamps, envelopes, address labels, paper clips, etc.), our printer and 2 pics of our grandchildren who live in Arizona.  There are 2 drawers under this one for me and one for hubby, perfect!

Kitchen Area
This is the area right above my stove and fridge and as you can tell, it is not at all complete. I started with the wrought iron cross my grandchildren gave us for Christmas a few years back, added the burnished metal HOPE, then discovered the 'Pinch of Patience, Dash of Kindness...,' at a local Ross store. I had purchased it for the area above my pantry, but it didn't fit.

I love the oval portal window, it brings so much light in, so I will find a few things to put up there, but I will probably use them to frame the window and not block the amazing light that comes through.

Our middle grandchild had basketball camp this past week at a local seaside area and I took her sister and two friends to go watch a game the day before she was coming home and stopped in at a few local shops.

Above our electrical panel is a wooden sign with a Boxer on it (our beloved Venus is a Boxer) it states, 'No Bones about it, This Boxer is the Boss!' and above my chair where I sit, a beachy type sign that states, 'If you're NOT Barefoot, you're overdressed.'

So you may live in a tiny home, a 5th wheel, a travel trailer or maybe even recently downsized to living in an apartment. But wherever you live, make it home!

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