Thursday, June 30, 2016

I Miss Quilting So Much

I miss quilting as in everyday several times a day, I wish I had my quilting things. I didn't realize how much until the past few days when I have been finishing up the binding on a quilt project for the surviving member of the Granite Mountain Hotshot team.  I seriously believe I am taking so much time to finish it just so I can quilt!

Last Friday was the worst! My son needed his flagging gear for a job he was asked to do and it was packed up when we moved because he wasn't able to work at the time and his girlfriends home is just to small.

As we went through storage box by box, my quilting table, sewing machines, fabric boxes were all uncovered and I told my husband I just wanted to look. His firm reply was, 'No, it will lead to the 5th wheel being overrun with stuff and babe, I know you miss it, but we have no room.'

I seriously wanted to cry!

Yet, I know he is right. No matter how I try, there is no extra room for a sewing machine. However, outside there is plenty and we know a young man who builds picnic tables.

I asked hubby if we could get a picnic table and 3 sided cover from Costco and I can set up outside when it warms up. He looked at me like my head had just fallen off my shoulders!

If we weren't in debt up to our eyeballs with attorney fee's right now for our grandchildren and other costs we have had to take on since our move so abruptly, he did tell me he would build me a deck and cover so in good weather I would have a clean safe place to quilt.

He is right and I know it. We were in an amazing home, we were just getting ready to get out of our lease and take over payments, we had a huge vegetable garden, flower beds, fruit tree's and our grandchildren were happy. Life was amazing!

Then, life crashed and I am still trying to figure our new life out. I find myself reading, sitting outside when I can, walking and looking for opportunities where I can help others. In the back of my head, my quilting brain is dying!

We have a huge storage unit that costs a fortune every month and each time I go into it, I wonder why. Why are we keeping all of this stuff? Why do we need it? When will the kids get their things back? When will life be normal again? 

Then I realize, I am blessed to have a roof over my head, food to cook, a small home to clean and laundry to wash. This is my new normal and the sooner I accept it, the easier it will be.

I so want our own washer/dryer. I dislike going to the laundry mat but honestly, hubby or one of the grands go with me and it takes about an hour and a half from wash to going home.

However, WOW! Have you priced an all in one ventless washer/dryer combo? Yikes! They run between $1000 and almost $2000 and right now we are spending under $600 per year to do laundry so I can't justify it with summer projects!

Hubby is taking a week off in July, we have to pressure wash and wax the 5th wheel as we refuse to have allow it to be moss/mildew covered the way many are in our area of the state. Yes, it just curdles my stomach to see people driving cars that are green with moss on them, homes covered in it, roofs, etc. Ewww!!!

After the wash and wax, we must add a new rubberized roof coating, replace a fan shroud, put up skirting, wrap our pipes and hoses and put in a large surge protector. 

We have already put in the new screens to keep the yellow jackets out of places they do not belong! What a pain those critters are!

Our hope this year is to be able to purchase a generator as our rig is wired for it and when power goes out, to just push a button and be back in business. 

Ohhhh, that would run my sewing machine in storage! 

My mind is like a quilting pattern, it loops around and always comes back to the same spot to rest!

I have been invited by many people to come and quilt with them, but I am not a social quilter. Perhaps I might need to just step out my front door and go one day!


Sherry said...

I am praying for you. . . .I wish there were more that I could do. . . but prayer is about all I can do from NJ.

Sara said...

Wish I had a good solution for you. I know some of the "snow bird" communities with campers also have a community room. I have a friend living full time in her RV and she can go sew in those community rooms in some of the places she parks.