Saturday, August 27, 2016

School is right around the corner and this year will be very different because for the first time in over 15 years, I will not be a part of the first day of school rush. 

Our grands no longer live with us, they live with their dad and his girlfriend about half a mile away, so they are close, just not the same as waking them up, seeing the excitement on their faces, but I will be there because fresh cinnamon and orange rolls are a first day of school tradition and I haven't missed a picture opportunity yet.

In many ways, nothing has changed and yet, everything has changed.

I took all the kids instruments in for repairs and cleaning, picked up new reeds, slide oil, cork grease as I do every year and I am just waiting to hear which books I have to purchase. Diva girl (our 14 year old) is playing percussion and Trombone this year and we are getting her back into piano lessons to keep her focused.

We have interviewed a few high school kids for math tutors for grandson and he is playing both Soccer and Football when school starts as well as being back in band. Last year he was in transitional math and math and still failed and he wanted to be back in band so much I made the decision to pay for a math tutor. 

Brother as we call him, busted out the grades last year all B's and 1 F and you guessed it, math! I just think children need at least one class to NOT be blasted with homework and he loves his Saxophone and the group of others he plays with.  Our grandson also has ADHD and band and sports keep him focused.  Last year he was the champion Javelin thrower for his group of middle schools and there were six schools and no one even came close to his final toss!

The oldest is of course playing clarinet, taking Spanish which she is really excited for, has had an amazing young man and his family in her life for awhile now, wants to join FFA (Future Farmers Association) this year and has been caring this summer for a local ladies ducks, rabbits, chickens, dogs and goats when she has had to be out of town. This young lady is also doing community service each month and is very focused on having a better year than last.

As always, I caught a great deal on shoes at Famous Footwear (I swear if they had a Platinum membership that I would be triple platinum with the amount of shoes I buy in a year) buy one pair and get the second half off, so as always, I purchased each grand two pair of shoes. With the exception of grandson who also required soccer and football cleats! Thank You Ross stores for recently having track shoes on sale for $17, got them a size up and we are ready for the school year.

I have taught my grands the value of a dollar and while they do pretty good (savings account, stock accounts) they get more excited finding great bargains on things such as school shirts that were buy one and get the second for one cent at JCPenney and NONE of them are into: PINK, HOLLISTER, GUESS, etc.. AND, they told me they still have good clothes from last year. I am so blessed! Not to mention the girls aren't all into make-up yet either!

I purchased all school supplies for the the grands and my son's girlfriends daughter, but I did not buy the young lady school clothes or shoes as she has a dad and grandparents that can do that for her, my grands have us as their dad cannot work due to a fractured back.

Not to mention it saddened me that all summer long she wouldn't even talk to me when I went over but now that school is almost here the past two weeks she has been trying to be sweet as pie and I just do not play those childish games and cannot believe her mom allows her to play them.  But, that is another story for another time.

Pray for my grandchildren, their dad, his GF and her two children that this school year will be great and that my son can get back on his feet and get back to work. This transition has not been easy for me, but for the children it has been an adventure!

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