Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mason Jars, I Love Them!

Why am I so excited about Mason Jars?

Yes, the very same ones that are used for canning and preserving. The ones that when you go home mom or grandma start handing you all those delicious jars of pickles, jams, fruits, etc..

Well, I was being lazy the other day and making a chicken salad, however, I have as of yet, not purchased any storage containers so I started putting everything in what I had, a small Mason jar.

I placed the chicken in first, then chopped cashews, then celery put the seal and ring on, shook it up real good and placed it in my fridge and it was at that moment I could hear the harp music of my epiphany. Well, okay, there wasn't any music!

I realized I have been struggling to make room in our small RV fridge for all my fruits, veggies, pre-cooked chicken and all I have to do is chop and place in a storage jar and they store easily in our fridge without having to rearrange things due to the size of the fridge or the container.

My granddaughter even stated it might be a great way for her to take lunches and then said, 'Nah! It would probably get busted when we goof around at school!' However, she liked the idea of the chicken salad pre-made.


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