Friday, September 23, 2016

Cold, Gray and Blustery!

 I slept in today and by slept in, I mean my husband told me he checked on me and I didn't budge, he shook me, I didn't move, he put his hand on my back and could tell I was still breathing. I slept hard!

Our weather changed as is common in SW Washington state, yesterday it was sunny, warm and short sleeves and sandals and today, it is blustery, 56 degree's cool, gray skies and rain!

I heard all this clamoring and went outside and found this. Called hubby in town and told him to stop by our local hardware/lumber store and pick up some bricks, we are going to need them in the bottoms of our trash cans!
If you look toward the back tree's you can tell they were blowing and when they blow, the 5th wheel just rocks and sounds like we are on a runway getting ready for take off! Just makes me kick myself that we didn't get a chance this summer to replace the slide awnings and know if the wind kicks up to much, we won't have a choice next summer!

 Last night hubby got called out at around 2230 for an outage and I was binding a quilt so after he left, I settled into my chair and finished binding.

I then crawled into bed and without him, I just can't sleep, so laid awake until he arrived back home and I knew he was safe. 

I must have crashed hard because I didn't hear my granddaughter as she knocked on the door for our spotlight she comes by to pick up when she is doing morning chores for a local woman who has animals to take care of when she is out of town.

Then when my son called my cell phone, I could not figure out how to answer it. This coupled with the past few days of crashing hard in my chair and waking up abruptly not knowing where I am or what I am doing....exhausted is what I would guess I have been.

Our bed is directly in one of the slides, so when it rains, I am serenaded by rain drops on the slide awning, the room was warm, hubby was home, the room was dark and I didn't get up until after 0900.

We have recoated the roof for winter, we have pillow inserts for the fans, I have rugs on the floor over the carpeting to try to keep the cold from coming into the floors, we are getting covers for our roof vents, shrink wrap window insulation and thermal drapes for our windows and enclosing the front of the RV with insulated board. We are also wrapping our hoses and plumbing with heat tape and pool noodles. 

Funny, with all the prep we are doing, one would think we were in Minnesota, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

We seriously need a deck, I am terrified of sliding on the steps and landing on the concrete deck and we could use insulated board around the bottom of the 5th wheel.

I am doing our best to prep for winter...extra batteries, flashlights, wool socks, blankets, some bottled water, dry foods, etc.. I can't do much with the space we have, but I can make sure that if hubby gets stuck in the town he works in, that he doesn't have to worry about me!

Happy Autumn Everyone!

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Farming On Faith said...

Happy Fall to you too~ send your cool weather my way. We are still hot and humid!