Friday, February 2, 2018

Can you believe it? We are already into February of the new year 2018 and I have not posted since October. How is that possible?

It is possible because we have been crazy busy with the grandchildren and their school, sports, driving them to appointments while dad is once again recovering from a bad injurty.

Now that 2018 has rolled around hubby and I decided we are going to start doing things for us more and son and his girlfriend less as she can get a job, but the bank of mom and dad has officially closed and yes, they do owe a balance and it will be paid when he gets back on his feet.

With that said, we are still living in our 5th wheel and still very much in love with each other in spite of the small spaces and people believing we would get on each others nerves.

I have come to love my little home and appreciate all the blessings it provides us with such as warmth in the winter, an oven that I can bake some amazing creations in, such as this decadent carrot cake made from scratch!

I have hot water for shower and doing dishes, a fridge which holds food and keeps it cold, a recliner for my weary body and a beautiful deck and yard when it isn't raining in SW Washington.

I have changed my mindset to be thankful and making better choices for my health and well being. I have cut out soda, carbs, junk food and most dairy but I am still eating great meals and trying new ones for our family which includes drop in grands almost every week-end!

I have joined an amazing yoga studio that cares about my well being, that doesn't push me to the point of pain and after a year of physical therapy on a shoulder and hip, the yoga and Nia class is working out much better and it is a studio filled with love and support.

I have lost 12.5 pouns since the first of the year and become very involved in getting healthier in walking, exercising, reading, eating and praying.

The one thing I am so excited about is essential oil work and I have joined Young Living oils to make my family and myself healthier. I am NOT pushing oils, but I am trying them for my family to see how they work.

If you would like a sample, please contact me, or if you have someone who has moved away and needs oils, let me know. I will NOT try to recruit you.

Have a blessed year and I would love to hook up with anyone still reading my blog!

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