Friday, April 13, 2018

Saying Good-Bye To the Old and Hello Baby To the News

July 2017 - New To Us 2009 Harley

This was our oldest grand daughter and hubby and I last July when we drove to Silverdale to pick up our Harley motorcycle. It was a beauty, pearl and silver and so comfy with lots of storage for our leather gear and helmets when we stopped on our rides to eat or sight see!

Hubby and I spent more time last summer between July and October before the rains hit traveling around the state of Washington than we had in the 10 years we have lived here.

Our first trip was up to a local lake in our area that we had passed many times on the way up to White Pass to watch our grands play football, basketball or other sports. 

I wanted a special place to take photos of the very last quilt that was going to the surviving Granite Mountain Hotshot team from Prescott, Arizona. 

As you may recall on the news, there were 19 of 20 fire fighters from that team that died on June 28, 2013. The news was devastating and Layers of Hope-Quilting 911 reached out and made quilts for the families of those that perished.

The lone survivor was the last one to receive a quilt and to this day, It took 4 more years for this quilt to be sent out to Brendan and while it seems like forever, I am a firm believer that the quilts I make and others make go out by divine intervention and this one was no different.

Please take a moment to watch this documentary about these brave men at
Brendan's Quilt
 Perhaps you watched the movie, 'Only The Brave,' it was released October 2017. I am hoping that the timing of the movie (which I knew nothing about) and the timing of the quilt was meant to be. 

All  knew is that this quilt for some reason had to be photographed outdoors, in nature and had to take a ride with me on the Harley. I just felt like I was being pushed to carry it one last moment longer.

The background is from the park at Mayfield Lake in Lewis County Washington. The picture of hubby and I below was taken at Mayfield Dam that same day. 
Mayfield Dam August 2017

I won't bore you with the rest of the pictures we took that day, but I am glad we made it to Packwood and back safely and without incident.

Our next trip we took was early evening for a relaxing ride and dinner which took us to Lady of the Lake restaurant on Offhut Lake in Thurston County.  It was a perfect ending to the day, a crisp fresh salad, sipping iced tea on the patio and watching the boaters as the sun began to set.

Sadly,  it was also the first time hubby went to park the Pearl Baby and hit loose gravel and down it went. I was so happy I was NOT on the bike any more and I knew he was alright.

This next picture is on a day late in August or early September, we took a nice relaxing and long ride along the Hood Canal and if you have never been through the area, I highly recommend the trip at least once in your life.

It was gorgeous, sunny, warm but not hot and we passed through places we had never been to with names like Quilcene, Lilliwaup, Eldon and Brinnon.

Here, hubby and I were in the parking lot of the Geoduck Tavern in Brinnon. It was a nice place to stop and rest a bit. The tavern is a local watering hole, but the waitresses and locals are friendly.

Hubby and I had the French Dip and the bun/bread it came in was fresh as in home made that day. The service was slow, but it was slam packed busy and we had no agenda that day, so sitting and watching the water was a great time to relax!

WARNING!! While this place is named after the famed clam, they do not serve them here, if you are looking for Geoduck clams you will be disappointed.
Another front of the Geoduck Anchor

We finished our ride coming over the Hood Canal bridge on Pearl and let me tell you that is a bridge I do not want to have to cross again on two wheels, it is steel grating in some spots and I was not pleased. Still, we made it without incident.

However, getting off the road to visit a friend, we hit loose sand and gravel again and this time, I WAS on the back of the bike when it went down. Three things I have to say:
1- I am thankful to God neither of us was hurt.
2- I am thankful that I learned years ago to scale the back seat before it hits the ground, oh you bet, I feel, but more from the jump down.
3-It is completely ego wrecking and embarrassing when it happens in front of another vehicle.

With that in mind my hubby and I began talking about things most people probably wouldn't feel comfortable talking about...weight and not just any, but mine. 

I had to admit at over 100 pounds more than he is, I was one of the reasons with his arthritis he was having such a time keeping it up when we hit unstable ground. Add that to 900# of bike and he is trying to old up over 1000 pounds.

Well, December 31 rolled around and the decision to loose weight was made for me when it was determined I had Diverticulitis, some food allergies and other gastro issues and needed to lose some weight for my health.

We began talking about getting a motorcycle for me, but I didn't want 2 wheels, at my age and as a newish rider, I didn't feel real safe on 2. My hubby began looking for me a trike, 3 wheels front or rear I wasn't sure of, but 3 wheels it would be. My issue was I did not want a bike if I couldn't pass the written and riding test.

Instead of getting me a trike, we decided on getting US a trike. If I get my license, I can ride it when I want to and if I don't, I can always be happy as a passenger.

So, three weeks ago, we said good-bye to Pearl and picked up Stormy, our Harley trike and it is such a nice ride and I feel 100% safer on 3 wheels than 2. Hubby has already given all the grands rides on it and we took our first ride this past week together.

This is my happy place, away from phones, family and drama, life comes off my shoulders here and I guess in many ways it was meant to be as it brings hubby and I together and we get out and get to see what this beautiful state has to offer!


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