Thursday, April 19, 2018

Loving The Tiny Life

Yes, we are still living in our fifth wheel and very stationary while hubby is still working, the big difference this writing, is that I have finally realized what a blessing this life is and I now embrace our tiny home as opposed to feeling the 'poor me pity pot feelings.'

I love my little kitchen with its 2 pantries (1 is a pull out), cabinet that opens on both sides for our kitchen garbage, 4 drawers, 6 additional cabinets, the oven has not been a disappointment as I have cooked everything in it that I would in a regular home.  

Matter of fact, I think having the smaller propane oven wastes much less energy than my old electric oven that was huge when I would only cook a casserole. Now, that casserole dish fits nicely without lots of wasted space.

I love our built-in spice rack and metal vitamin holder which means, they aren't taking up cabinet space!
The diving cabinet/counter between kitchen and living area!

I have learned to be creative with space, hence, we use the top of the dog kennel for my books, our bibles, shredding basket and tissues.

As you can see, our baby is so spoiled sleeping on her Serta memory foam dog bed inside the kennel and YES, the door is always unlocked!

I have to say that when my children and grandchildren were little, we loved absolutely to go to the library and read a book, rent a video, bring home our favorites and living in our tiny home, my love for my local library has been renewed.

The basket holds books I have purchased or my bible study materials. However, if I want to try a new cook book, read the latest travel books, I head to the library, bring them home and when I am done, they are returned. Saves space. My basket holds books I keep or someone has given me to read.

Dog kennel doubles as shelving
The greatest thing about our library, it is directly next to a place one of our grands does some volunteer work for, so I drop her off, head to the library, find a good book, settle in and read until she walks in and says she is all done. Saves gas of running back home, coming back to pick her up, drop her off at home, go home myself!

No one minds cleaning! The grands come to visit and all want to know how they can help us. If I say vacuum, well having a nifty Dyson vacuum that is portable, has 2 of them saying, 'No, I'll do it!'
In 5 minutes the entire carpet is vacuumed!

In the summer, we bring our eating to our deck our yard, have lots of folding chairs in storage and a large table and we can have a nice BBQ!  

We also have a small area for our printer, my Keurig (yes, you saw a BUNN on the kitchen counter), a mail center with envelopes, stamps, etc., has just made it homier! As you can see, I use the slide tops for pictures, battery operated lanterns, etc..

 Home is truly where we make it and today, it is 60 outside, the front door is open, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I am at peace with my tiny home.

My home keeps me warm and dry when it rains. It keeps me cool when it is hot out by opening windows, doors and if needed, I can run the A/C. I can cook, I can take long hot showers, I have a flushing toilet and God has my husband and I in the palm of His hands right where we need to be!

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