Friday, May 4, 2018

I Dropped the Ball On This Ride

It says Tenino Right Here!
So, I love our new Harley trike and I am one of those crazy pin collectors, so the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) gives pins and patches for a variety of things, but I love to do the ABC's of H.O.G. you drive around and get your picture taken with your bike, their touring guide and a picture of something that shows the town you are in.

Sadly, I didn't realize it has to be an 'official,' city, county, state sign so we rambled over to Tenino and took this picture. With a trike it is difficult to get everything into one picture and hubby is never happy doing these goose chases but humors me!

So I get home, go to download our photos and then come to realize it has to be an official sign and cannot be a library, museum, school, etc.. BUMMER!!

I wanted it in front of their city hall, however all it says is 'City Hall.' 

The ride was perfect this day, so I will call H.O.G. and ensure I am reading the rules right and maybe, just maybe I can get hubby to try again.

Well, we are also in the 365 Touring so all we need to do there is take the bike in to any dealership when our miles match the requirements.

Still, if I get my. trike license, I think grabbing the key to the bike out of hubbies hat that sits on the bedside, might just be an idea!

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