Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Fun Site

So, I am sitting up all alone at zero dark thirty (after midnight), totally bored of filling out job applications since tomorrow I am official out of a job when I walk out the door at 5:00 PM.
So, I decide to look around at some quilting blogs and I find this cool site run by Rebecca. .

Anyway, I was so impressed with the cool things she has found, I just had to get on here this minute and say to everyone...go check out Rebecca's site called the Goodness Shop at Etsy, it is cool and she gives things away and she makes and finds some incredible things.

I hope she doesn't mind, I copied a few of her pictures so those of you who stop by to see me can see why I am so excited. The photos above are of vintage cards and wrapping paper she found and she has more stuff. I just thought these 2 pictures were really cool and it almost makes me want to go out to yard sales and the like.

Just click on the link to the right!

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