Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heaven In a Small Town

Wow! I found heaven today, at least I think it was heaven. I walked in the back door of this place (everyone uses the back door!) and ran right into more fabric in one place than I have seen for awhile. Now, I know it was heaven, because I took a drive out today with the grandchildren to Montesano and then decided to go into Elma.

The drive along the back road was amazing, fields of hay being plowed, some homes sprinkled here and there, not much traffic, some lazy cows and the kids just enjoyed the drive. I decided to stop by a place a friend of mine kept telling me about, the Elma Variety Store. Now, she warned me, locals don't go in the front door, they go in the back, so I went in the back door.

The first thing I noticed was a pallet of potting soil for $2 less than WalMart sells the big bag for and it was the BIG bag. Then, I entered the back and everywhere I looked was fabric and quilt tops hanging up. The kids were so excited to look at there enormous section on just buttons. I have been collecting buttons like crazy lately & they love to help me look. We picked a pack of miniature strawberries and one with sunflowers.

Then I went looking for the embroidery thread and it was there in all colors and much cheaper than my local quilt shop. My bargain of the day, was a small wooden embroidery hoop for only 89 cents.

I wanted so much to buy some beautiful red fabrics they had, but yesterday was my last day of being employed and I don't know when I will get back to work again as all my job prospects for the last year have been empty. Nothing, complete zeros and I have to save what precious little money I have left.

So, I walked out of heaven knowing I will go back over and over again when I have some money and I will spread the word to help all quilters. If you live in Washington state or plan to visit, make sure if you are a quilter that the Elma Variety Store is on your list of places to go. You can't miss them, they are right on the Main drag and remember, park in the back and walk in like a local.

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