Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some of My Older Quilts

I just can't help it, I love visiting some of my older quilts such as the black and white one you see here. It was a log cabin pattern made with black and white abstract prints and had to made in small sections because the print was so busy, it made me seasick! Someone had led me to believe if I made it, they would buy it and pay me a good price. However, when it was all finished, the person backed out. I tried to sell it twice on Ebay and while I had several lookie loo's, not buyers.

One day while at my grand children's daycare, I noticed the lady that took care of them was shivering. She is elderly in her 70's, very slim and told me she was always freezing. So I gave her the quilt as a Christmas gift. She tells me often how much she and her little dog love it!

And of course, there are the many baby quilts I have made like this one which is a version of what is called the 'Almost Amish' quilt. This one took awhile to sell on Ebay because so many people are selling their quilts for next to nothing and I just won't give my work away because there is money in the fabric not to mention all the time that goes into planning and cutting and sewing and binding and people give them away. Not me!

So, now that I am unemployed, check back here for more quilts.

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