Monday, August 25, 2008

Gods Molding Me...

God is molding me daily. I can feel Him all around me, I can see Him in the beauty of the area in which I live, the smiles on my husbands face & my grand children's hugs. I feel a moving in my soul of the Holy Spirit and I just can't seem to grasp what it is I am supposed to be doing up here in Washington.

I have always felt a kinship with the homeless because at one time in my life, I was semi-homeless. I had a job, I had a car, I had no place to stay, so I slept in my car. I have a son who is homeless sometimes (which is odd I know, but he chooses where to live and when to live on the streets), so I have always had a passion to help the young homeless population.

Last night I watched Extreme Home Makeover and saw the Martinez family of New Mexico who reach out and help the homeless and needy. My heart was overflowing, I was crying at this amazing family who give so much to others. I heard in my heart, keep quilting, keep going, keep moving forward.

So, once again, I am thinking I need to get more quilts done and out to those kids that do live on the harsh streets of Aberdeen in the winter. I can't do much more than pray for them and provide them with warmth, but if that is what it takes, I say 'Thy Will Be Done Lord!'

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on how often your conversation is seasoned with the works of the Lord on your behalf? If you speak very little of Him, is there a reason you know of? If you speak often, how do people respond?
On a scale of 1-10 I am always speaking about the Lord & how He has brought us so far with so little so many times. People usually just look at me, or like my husband, they pretend to listen while possibly looking for a quick get away.

Have you experienced a Set Up for a Show Up when you were uncertain whether the situation was the chastisement of the Lord or a temptation of Satan?Yes, many years ago when I was a police dispatcher, my family was harrassed by a local police department. They accused us of selling drugs & guns out of our apartment, they followed my sons around so often, that my youngest who has Autism had to move in with friends. They knew I was a dispatcher, but they kept up the harassment to the point, they tried to look over our fence one day and our dog almost took an officers face off, then they had the audacity to knock on our door and say we needed to keep our dog inside....yeah right! It is a long story, but it wound up in a law suit that we won. We had just renewed the lease on our rental place when we were told the owner was selling and we had 3 weeks to move. We had no money, no credit, I prayed to God and asked Him to guide us and show us what to do. Our family was divided, we let our 2 sons move in with friends and we were prepared to move into the river bottom in a tent (when you have a dog that weighs over 30# most places won't take you as a renter)as opposed to giving up our beloved pet. One week before we had to be out, I was glancing through help wanted (didn't know why, I wasn't looking for a new job) & found a house in exchange for some security at a local storage facility. Wow! We had a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on a little over an acre of land for $300 a month. The real miracle here? It was only 1/8 of a mile from the river bottom.

. Have you ever or are you now experiencing any Job trials where you can still not identify any wrong-doing on your part? Boy do I know you all are tired of hearing this....YES, I can't find a job and I can't find out why. I hear you were a great candidate, we really liked you, you have all the qualifications...but we chose someone else. I am defeated here in this one area and it has been this way for not just the year here, but prior to moving here, I just can't seem to find work!

Apply this principle: How can my response make my God famous? Will obedience result in my sanctification and God's Glory?I think by remaining strong and believing and letting others know I will not give up that I know God has something just right picked out for me.

Does the origin of our affliction matter in view of the fame God can gain from it?
I really don't think so, what I do think is how we react to our affliction is how God will gain fame from it. He doesn't need fame from us, but He does watch how react to things around us good & bad!

So, I am still reaching for His guidance for work on a daily basis!

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