Friday, August 22, 2008

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to 'go back' to a place of shame or ridicule? How did that make you feel? Yes. I left a place of employment once after giving a 2 week notice, the boss wasn't happy, he told me he would black ball me, see to it I never worked in that field again. I didn't want to go back, but I had to because so many people stood up for me & made it known I didn't do anything wrong. On my initial return a year later, I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw-up, but as God arranged, the boss that made the threats, was no longer working there.

Is there any circumstance in your life that still has you running for cover? Share if you feel comfortable. Yes, it would relate to family & I cannot share it here as it is too uncomfortable.

When is the last time you felt like an overcomer?
When I was telling my old college professor that I can't find a job in Washington and we are thinking about moving back to Arizona. He told me he had always believed I would become a teacher someday & he did so not realizing I am applying as a substitute teacher in this area, but that I can work at schools in Arizona as a teacher with my degree's. I felt God had released me from bondage in some way.

If you have not yet taken the serpent by the tail, are you willing to stop running, take hold and trust God to transform it into a tool for wonders? I do this on a daily basis. I have a son with Autism living on his own in Arizona & I am constantly reminding myself to slow down and work with him and not against him. I have another son in prison & want to run away everyday, but God has told me to stop running, He has a plan. Even though I want to run back to Arizona at this writing I know God wants me to stop running and see what He has planned for me!

I would like for you to write down this statement based on 1 John 2:14 somewhere you will see it often this week: "I am strong, the Word of God abides in me, and I have overcome the evil one." Memorize it. Say it over and over until you believe it. Will you do this?? Most of the time, there are no right or wrong answers, but on this one, I'm expecting a 'yes'! Yes, I will commit to this!

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