Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Little Girls Battle Sail on Lady Washington

Good Morning World! Wherever you are viewing this blog from, I wanted to say good morning to ya all! Yesterday was a perfect example of a Washington Day, cloudy and cool in the morning and then sunny and warmer in the later evening. I am ever thankful that it didn't rain as Shyann and her Papa were scheduled for a Battle Sail between the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftan in the Olympia waters.

First of all, my thanks goes out to Chera at the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport for making this battle sail possible. A great way to start off this trip is with this rainbow quite an amazing photo opportunity for a 7 year olds first camera shots!

This next picture is one of the Hawaiian Chieftan, the sister ship to the Lady Washington. I love the fact that she got it with the sails up and billowing and the fact that it appears she got the entire ship without cutting any of it off!

Hats off to the crew of the Lady Washington for making a little girl feel comfortable, the crew of the Hawaiian Chieftan for getting the boat into some awesome picture taking positions, and
all of the staff at the office for being so awesome when I volunteered there.

Here is a picture of the dock or the ramp they had to walk up to board the ships. This is where Papa said she grabbed his hand and was a bit apprehensive. These two have been fishing buddies since she was a baby, however, not on something this size or in salt water and she was very afraid for some reason of seeing sharks!

She was amazed by the 'crows nest,' and while no one was up in the area when this picture was taken, she said it was full of people at the end, however it was to dark to use the camera they had with them!

She loved this shell, it was the first picture she took once on the ship. She said "Ranny, it is really big & it has a hole in it with a
rope, why do you think it is there?" She didn't know, but she thought it was a cool thing to take a picture of.

They had a bit of a time getting over to the ship yesterday because Olympia had a street fair going on. They could see the Lady, but it took them awhile to figure out how to get there. But they must have done a great job because they actually got on the Lady Washington.

My husband is an old salt, he spent 10 years in the United States Navy so being out on flat water as he and others call the harbor/sound, reminded him of other days. When the boat would pitch a bit, Shyann's eyes would get huge and she'd say, 'the boat moved Papa,' it was all excitement to her!

Next trip he says he would love to take her on an over night cruise where they were actually in the ocean for awhile. Ahhh, but for one summer night, for 3 hours, she had her Papa all to herself having the time of her life and that as Mastercard would say, this trip was priceless!

I bid you all a wonderful Sunday and enjoy this last picture of last evenings sunset over the Olympic Peninsula here in Washington from the camera lens of a 7 year old!

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