Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sadness for a little girl

It is so hard being 7 years old and trying to do all the right things and have lots of friends and laugh and play and enjoy life. She is such a sweet child who believes Jesus lives in her heart and I watching her daily have no doubt that He does.

Last night, she broke my heart right before bed time. She had come to me earlier in the day and asked me when her daddy would be out of prison because she misses him so much. Wow! How do I tell her without crying myself?

Sweetie, he will not be out for 8 more years, until you are probably close to 16. Those big brown eyes looked at me with a sadness I rarely see and she said, I will be a teenager & he will have missed my life and not know me any more! All I could do is hold her and hug her.

A few hours later she brought me her 'HOPE,' bracelet. She had me buy it when she was at the doctor awhile back. Here, I don't want it anymore. But I thought you loved that bracelet, I told her. She looked down and said, 'not anymore, I wore it because I hoped my daddy would be back soon, now there is no hope.'

I held her close and told her that there is always hope and while it is true her daddy will be gone for a long time, she has hope she will see him again someday.

Today, I cried!

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Yarni Gras! said...

I would have too....just reading it brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes when my kids ask difficult questions, I close my eyes and ask quickly for the Lord to give me the right words to say.
Sometimes there ARE no words to help but you said the right thing. There is always hope.