Saturday, September 6, 2008

Special People

Every once in awhile we run into some pretty special people in this world and one of those is Sherry from the 'If I could Set My Soul Free,' blog & the hostess of a blogiversary party that is one of those things you won't want to miss.

Sherry is a stay at home mom, but she has/is/was raising 8 children. Wow and there are days when I think having 3 is work! I said has/is/was because she also has 2 grandchildren so that tells me she has a few that moved out of the nest and lots still at home and she is so talented and fun. Please stop by her blog & also check out Melinda's blog while you are visiting.

Melinda lives on Whidbey Island in Washington and like myself , she is also raising her grandchildren, but she is so talented and so much more organized than I am & she is just pure fun to know!

So, on Sherry's blog she asked a Truth or Dare question and asked us to post it to our own blogs. I can't begin to share her streaking story, but you can click on my link and read it for yourself !

Mine will be truth. I can say I did a lot of things on a dare (stealing veggies from a local farm field, ditching class, kissing my first crush, etc.)

Here is my truth.

When I was growing up, we lived in a single wide with expanded living room manufactured home (all 6 of us & our dog) & it wasn't bad, but the kitchen was awful because our eating table was there and it was a tight fit.

My parents always insisted we all have dinner together and share our day & we had set seating assignments. My dad was the head of the household, so he sat at the left end, my mom sat next to him, then my baby sister, my brother got the right end of the table and my sister and I sat on the side against the wall.

So, here we are all as with every night, eating dinner, but this particular night we were having spaghetti & all having a great time until (drum roll please), I asked to be excused from the table.

I had to stand up and squeeze around my dad with a plate that still had some spaghetti on it. Now understand I did this for years, day in and day out without incidence. So, I am squeezing by my dad and as I am my plate is starting to tip to one side & yep, you guessed it before I could stop dad had a head full of spaghetti, complete with red sauce.

I didn't know what to do, I was horrified, my sisters and brother were at first quiet but my mom was laughing so hard, they began laughing, I am saying things like: "it wasn't on purpose, let me help get it out of your hair, I am sorry!" I don't remember what dad was saying, but I do remember him using my middle name (which meant I was really in trouble.)

Jeannie Marie what in the *&^%$# did you try to do? Yelling as he was jumping up to run to the bathroom, I don't remember what he did, because I was sent to bed immediately and upon closing the bedroom door, I stuck my face in my pillow and laughed and laughed and laughed so hard I was crying.

Then my dad comes in the room & he says in his I am your father and I am laughing but trying his best to be serious voice..'You had better not be laughing about this!' He pulled the pillow away, took one look at my face trying NOT to laugh but not being able to contain it and we both broke down laughing and laughing.

To this day, he swears I did it on purpose and to this day I will stand by the truth that it was just an accident and I would not have been able to do that on purpose had I tried.

It may not translate into laughter her, but it was a great photo op that was missed, but will live on in my families history forever!


Sherry said...

I think that is the funniest story. We sat in a similar style when I grew up. My older brother and I would have to crawl under the table to get out when we were done because they're wasn't enough room to squeeze through. Good thing for my dad or something similar probably would have happened!!

Thanks for sharing and all of the nices comments you made!!

Melinda Cornish said...

what a great story! It is so cool that you all ate at the table together too! even if it was cramped...thanks for the mention too...I appreciate your compliments and your friendship! Melinda

Cathy said...

Loved the spaghetti story! I am a guest of Sherry's party and also her sister. I am sympathize with you on the fibro as my mom also deals with it and rheumatoid arthritis for me which I post about often on my blog. It was nice meeting you and I hope to see you and your positive attitude at other party events. Cathy

Dianne said...

Ah, that's a shame about the spaghetti! It's slippery food for goodness sake.
I have one that's worse, but it's about my brother-he actually took the turkey carcass at the Thanksgiving table and made it dance one year-like they show on those comedy sketches. My grandmom was not amused. (She helped raise us).
Anyway, it was way not appetizing.I remember some potato flinging going on too.