Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Holiday Flirty Apron Swap at Shawnee's

Shawnee at Apronista is having another fantastic apron swap (the last one of the year) for the holidays and these are going to be beautiful. Shawnee is limiting this one to the first 100 people, so please make sure you don't miss it and head on over and sign up, just click on this link and it will take you right there: !

I am however, sitting this one out, but have decided to be a prize sponsor. I haven't quite figured out what I will be sending out, but am hoping it will be something glitzy for Christmas that will be fun to look at or smell or have. I am excited about that and the fact more people will look at my blog! How fun!

I just checked my confirmation number on the coffee apron swap I sent out to Gramma Trish for the first apron swap that was put on at Yarnigras & since it shows it was delivered today, I can now show off what I sent.

I made Trish this apron using some vintage fabric I had that was covered in cups and saucers and roses. I made the pattern up as I went along. Both sides are the same so while it appears to be lined, I cheated!

I took the bottom half (oh yeah, it is a full apron) and used 2 separate pieces of fabric, turned them inside out, sewed my seams leaving openings for the ties and top.

I then made the ties and sewed them in. I did the same
thing to the top of the apron. When I was finished with the top, I folded down the top portion of the bottom apron, tucked the top into it and sewed it closed.

I made the two pockets and attached lace with gold trim at the tops. The first pocket was sewn on straight while the second pocket was sewn onto the first at an angle.

The bottom hem has dark blue/black beading on it.
I added some Vanilla Chai Latte mix, a package of chocolate mints and a cup and saucer. Trish loves lime green and pink, so I tied it up with a lime green tissue paper tied with a lime green and hot pink polka dot ribbon.

If you look closely, you can see the beads on the bottom hem of the apron. It was hard to let this package go, because even my husband thought the apron was a great one!

So, Gramma Trish, if you don't like this one, well....I know you will and once again, it was fun having you as my swap partner!

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grammatrish said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! i'm sorry I didn't back to you sooner, but I was baking cupcakes from the time I got home last night until I went to bed. I did take a break and opened my two packages! wow!
today was just crazy too, but a good crazy since I had a birthday! spent the evening with my hubby, our son and his wife and 4 girls, and our younger, single son. whew...all that and I didn't thank you. I will post pics hopefully tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure and let you know how much I love my apron and goodies. You did a great job! thanks again