Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Beautiful Washington Day

This is the sky, my sky, the Washington sky, the worlds sky, but today it just looks so clear and blue and beautiful that I had to snap a picture and post it. Maybe because it has been a gray and wet sky today that it looks exceptionally beautiful to me, but to me, there is something very special about the sky in Aberdeen or the sky in Washington, it is always clear and blue.

The air is cris
p today, like biting into a huge crisp, icy cold juicy apple. You can feel the freshness in the air and while there is a chill, it isn't cold. I wore a thin sweatshirt and a pair of crop jeans outside and it was perfect.

Maybe I am getting acclimated to this weather because last year I would have been bundled up to my nose.

We attended the children's parent/teacher conference and all of them got great reviews. While the youngest of the girls teacher said she was a bit hyperactive for a girl, she still loved having her in her class and gave her all positive remarks.

The oldest child has only one drawback, she is to quiet in class and though she is very smart, she rarely speaks out. I think she is aptly named because her name fits her personality perfectly. With the exception of course of when she is home.

The only boy, he is doing well with an occasional outburst in class, but what can you expect from a 5 year old?

Today is a wonderful day with the exception that I learned the wife of one of the officers I worked with in Goodyear has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Please pray for Kim Miller!

I leave you all with one last picture of the tree in my neighbors yard. I love the red leaves as they are a stark comparison to the most bare tree, but it gives you the contrast of fall as it slowly turns into winter.

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