Monday, January 26, 2009

Made in America

So, my hubby just sent me an Email from the basement where his office is. It is from a woman who was in Walmart (I know their brand name) and was picking up light bulbs and fabric softener and when she looked at the packaging information she discovered that the light bulbs by GE were made in Mexico and the Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets were made in Canada.

However, the store brand was made in America, so she opted for the best price and the best thing she could do to help our own economy. Lets all begin doing this and while we are at it, lets contact the companies that are outsourcing and ask them to bring jobs back to our country.

I will deal with paying my debts as I can, but I despise talking to someone that can't speak to me so I can understand what they are saying and that access my checking account without my permission. There are companies that hire stay at home moms, disabled persons, etc. that are legitimate work from home companies, lets recommend these to CEO's and to President Obama.

Hmmm, then again, I have a real issue with tax payers money being sent to other countries to support abortions while people in our own country can't afford medical insurance, medical procedures, routine medical and dental care and many states are talking about cutting out more medical while we support other countries and and our own is in debt over a trillion dollars.

**Lets be clear on this. I do not support abortion as a method of birth control and I would object to any tax money going to another country to support their health issues until we can get our own countries issues and budget issues under control.** After all, this mornings news shows Caterpillar laying off 20,000 people, Home Depot laying off 7,000 and closing some stores and California has a $42B dollar deficit. I say send our money to California and bring back our jobs from overseas!


Jennylou's Projects said...

What's wrong with buying something made in Canada? They pay living wages there and they are our neighbors to the North. They get goods from us too, so while I whole heartedly agree with not buying goods made in countries that do not pay a living wage, I will continue to support countries that do pay a living wage.

Further, our money is not going to provide abortions. Rather, it will now be able to help fund other parts of clinics that might have abortion literature or counseling offered there. Before, they could not even mention the word or they wouldn't be able to receive our funds. And while I agree that we need to fix our health care system, the fact is that America is a very rich nation and we should support others around the world. I think that is what Christ would do.

Rannyjean said...

Thank you for your clarification. I will continue to stand on my own comments and support as many American companies as I can & I never said there was anything wrong with Canada I was just restating facts. People can do as they wish, after all for now, America is still a free country.