Thursday, January 8, 2009

Part 2, God's Plans

Oh the things God has in store for us and the little surprises He tosses at us when we least expect it. I don't know about anyone else, but I am quite certain He has a sense of humor.

To experience God, we need to trust in Him and walk intimately with Him and this will help to ease the daily frustrations most of us feel during any given day. When we trust in Him completely, He will open our eyes to little things.

Western Washington is flooding. Once again, we had a Pineapple Effect Storm come in like last year and dump almost 5 inches of rain in Aberdeen. Olympia received over 6 inches, Interstate 5 is closed in the area of Centralia (where it flooded last year) and my husband, well, after trying to get home last night and realizing it wasn't going to in Raymond.

Here is the unique thing about this. He had to eat at McDonalds which he hates & yet was not complaining last night. He had to dry his clothes on baseboard heaters which dried them and he didn't complain. Instead, he told his boss, he may as well work today since they can't get anyone else out there.

If he came home last night, he would have complained about what I fixed for dinner or didn't fix, the rain, his wet clothes, etc. But all he could say this morning was how much he missed all of us and his warm bed. Hmmm, think maybe God is working here?

The kicker is, I have never split a log in my life and when your only heat source is wood, you better do something quickly. I contacted my church and within 15 minutes of the call, I had someone pull up, split 10 logs for me and make me promise to call him back if I need more. Jerry was shocked & happy that should he wind up stranded another night, he knows we will be warm.

The other thing is that my husband snores like a freight train. Don't laugh, I have had people come over and answer my front door thinking someone is knocking. I have had people think it was a clap of thunder and I had one little boy that got the giggles so hard because he couldn't believe I could sleep with that noise. It is loud and snorty!

Last night, I was up until 0230 because with the television on, the white noise machine and the fireplace. My house was to QUIET! God does have a wonderful sense of humor and we should all have one as well when facing difficulties in our life.

I can't bring my husband home and he isn't the only one stranded, but I can pray for him, keep a smile on my face and let him know we are fine!

Have a blessed day!

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