Friday, January 9, 2009

A Quiet Lunch

It has been a wonderfully peaceful morning with hubby home and me putzing around the house, doing my simple morning chores, choking down my Prednisone, working at my quilt. It has been special just getting the extra smiles and hugs this morning.

As someone who likes to eat at local new places, Jerry wanted to go to lunch so we went out to Anne Marie's a small breakfast and lunch place off the beaten path in the Becker Building in Aberdeen. It is quaint and small and the menu was rather full compared to my expectations and very good prices & service.

We both had Roast Beef AuJous with a small side salad. Very tasty & the buns were gently toasted.

We sat, laughed and talked while the kids were still in school. From there I had to pick up two small items at the grocery store and Jerry bought me a Carmel Macchiato (sp.?) at Starbucks. Yummy! Rarely if ever do I go to Starbucks because I use punch cards at 2 local places here in town where I get free coffee's after so many purchases.

There are truly so many wonderful tucked away places for quiet lunch or dinner in this area, it would take years to eat at them all, but once in awhile when it is just the two of us, we test drive new places to see if they would be good for family and friends.

If you rarely get away like we do, trust me when I say, it can be a wonderful experience to try a new place to eat, sit and relax and just enjoy being in each others company. Your marriage will be blessed and you will feel wonderful!

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