Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Safety Tats Are Amazing!

So, as you know, our little Brownie had a wonderful week-end in Seattle with her troop family at the Pacific Science Center. What you don't know, is that I volunteered my freshly won
Safety Tats for the girls arms in case they got lost in the crowd.

First, the girls loved them and said putting them on tickles and all of them were giggling. So, it is safe to say they don't irritate or pinch the skin or get all sweaty like plastic ID bands do. Even though they are blue for boy & pink for girl, we had 2 requests for blue and 2 for pink.

The marking pen was AWESOME! It wrote on the Safety Tat, but did not bleed through the skin, run or fade off. The next afternoon, when they were removed, there was no crying, no pleading to not take it off, it peeled right off and for a few minutes there was an imprint, but it faded quickly and left no sticky residue.

So, if you wondered secretly how these things work or if they worked, I can tell you they work great and the girls really liked them!

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