Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Congratulations Chris Allen, Americas Idol

Congratulations to Chris Allen, the new American Idol. I know, all the Adam Lambert fans are crushed, but Adam will still be out there making records, creating new songs, being in the limelight. I believe that Adam, Chris and Danny were in the top 3 for a reason and that is because out of everyone, these 3 young men were humble and in todays America, that is refreshing to see.
I believe Danny stayed in the competition for so long because he wasn't just singing songs to the crowd, in many ways, I believe he was singing to Sophia, the love of his life, his wife who passed away from heart complications.

Chris, who can say Chris was anything but humble? He is what I would call just plain down home folk and he was truly shocked by winning. I am not sure it sunk in with him for the first few minutes.

Adam, ever the showman (though I with Simon Cowell wanted to toss the tele out with his rendition of Ring of Fire), Adam was always gracious, he acknowledged the band, he acknowledged his fellow idols, he even called Paula beautiful and it wasn't a pretext, it was genuine Adam.

Yes, I am sure Adam may be disappointed and I know his fans are, but remember, America is fickle. When Simon and the world bashed Danny for his scream (I will admit as Danny did, it was bad), no one said much when Adam screeched with the exception of Randy.
Even my 7 year old granddaughter asked why Adam was screeching.

In reality each one of the top 13, top 10, top 5 and top 3 were very good in their own way. Each one of them will be able to say they had a dream, they went for it and in so many ways, they were successful. The top 10 tour this summer and you know they each will have a record deal of some sort.

Will I buy their albums? I know I will buy at least a few.

Congratulations Chris, America voted over 100 million times and you are their idol. Rock on Adam!

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