Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I May Have Met My Match....

I am type A, control freak, obsessive compulsive, take on to much and then wonder how I will get it all done, worry about things that haven't happened yet, worrying about so much right now with my impending surgery (the windows need washing, the basement wall needs painting, the coat rack & quilt rack need hanging, fireplace doors need cleaning, fridge needs cleaning, etc.) my moms impending chemo, trying to help one son find his ex-wife so we can see our grandchildren, trying to help another get off probation. How can we pay our bills with only one income, on and one my list goes.

Are you tired yet?

In rushes the calvary and Houston, I can see a problem already brewing on the horizon, whats that God, you are sending me the row boat, motor boat and helicopter, I need to get into all 3 and hang on? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'll hang on alright, just after I push the last person on board, hang on by my toes to the landing gear maybe.

Nope. First of all my hubby is taking time off from work while I am in the hospital to take care of the kids and care for me when I get home. Then my best friend is taking over for a few days a week, whatever time he can. Yes ladies, I said he.

But, we have a wonderful Christian lady in our church that heard of my surgery and she is moving in with the artillery. She called me today to remind me I am to let her know when my surgery will be, then she gave me a list of things to ask the doctor, asked me questions and kept telling me, you will heal on the doctors terms, NOT YOURS.

Uh oh, Lord, I think maybe I know why I am in Aberdeen and having surgery at this time. Because I have people to take care of me so I can listen and do what the doctors say.

Now I get it. I am supposed to let people take care of me after surgery.

Now, how do I do that? This is where I get confused. But I am trying to listen to my heart and not my head. After all the goal of surgery IS to make me better and not worse!

Houston, cancel the trouble call, it was a false alarm, I am ready to take doctors orders.

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Knitting Granny said...

Good Morningk, Jean - just to let you know I'm thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. (I loved your chicken/rooster quilt!)