Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SPLASH OUT...Save your money, buy water balloons

We were watching television a few weeks back and saw an advertisement for the Splash Out, a 2 piece toy that holds water balloons, has a timer and a small pin that pops the balloons.

We thought it a great idea to keep the little ones happy. Well, after spending $10 on this, let me tell you the best thing you can do. Instead of wasting $10 on the ball and all the balloons you will go through...

Spend the $10 on 400 water balloons and have one huge water balloon fight, or several smaller ones because the kids will have more fun than they will with this.

First, the design isn't all that great, so once you smoosh a water balloon inside it and follow the directions, it isn't very easy to reassemble. Many times, the balloon popped before they could set the timer, or the timer would go off and the balloon wouldn't pop.

What do you do with 80 water balloons and 8 little ones and a boring toy? You get a large bowl, have an adult fill the bowl with water balloons and then you let the kids have a huge water balloon fight. They had more fun with this and getting soaked with the hose than they did the Splash Out!

It is a good concept, but with little kids, it takes to long to load and the fun doesn't last. Save the money and find another water toy!

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