Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fireplace in August

Hubby came home the other day and I was bundled up with heavy socks and my robe under the electric blanket. My hands and feet were like four frozen blocks of ice. I couldn't get them warm.

I also cannot light the fireplace because of my surgical restrictions, so I asked Jerry to light the fireplace. Of course he laughed because I said no more fireplace between May and October, but I could not get warm.
The reasons behind my hands and feet being so cold is my surgery and if I sit up a tad bit to long, I am cutting the circulation off to my extremities. Of course, this is getting better, but I have about 30 minutes to 45 before it happens. In the beginning it was happening within 10 minutes of getting up.
I just love the insert and I love seeing a glowing fire in the fireplace when the glass doors are all nice and crystal clear! But...............I still would like to see some sun, the house has to be painted!

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