Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great News For Our Family

My oldest son has been married twice and both ended in divorce. The first was just young and making dumb mistakes. I have kept in touch with his ex-wife and she is a wonderful and caring person. The second marriage ended due to drugs and control issues by his wife. I am not being mean here, only speaking the truth. She was so bad, that her first husband received custody of their daughter and her second husband has total custody of their son.

There are many things that happened and I don't want to go into them here, but both the second ex-wife and my son have changed their lives for the better. The only exception is, while my son can see his 2 older children, the second ex runs and goes into hiding each time he finds her. My son has paid thousands of dollars for attorney fees and private investigators.

Friday, he was in court in California and his ex-wife was on telephone. The judge told her she has to allow my son to see his daughter and my son has to pay for counseling for her so she can get reacclimated into his life. He hasn't seen her for at least 4 years and that is so sad, because he loved her daddy so very much and he had custody of her via a restraining order when the police took her from him and gave his ex custody.

My son began making positive decisions in his life when that happened. He contacted various courts and turned himself in, not once, but 3 times to serve sentences and when he was finished, he went from prison to a rehabilitation house and now is attending college to help others.

I am waiting to see what happens. The ex advised the judge that she was planniing on bringing the grandchild to see me soon along with her mother! I can't wait to hug and love on her and let her know how much we have missed her and I can't wait until she can play with her cousins!

Pray, she will do this soon. The judge stated, she showed her true colors, so we will see if she remains put, or violates the court orders and moves again without a trace!

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