Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free Products To Try...Bzz

Do you enjoy trying new things, but hate to waste your hard earned money to do so? Do like I have done and join the Bzz by becoming a Bzz agent and you can join campaigns to try new products on the market or low prices on high end products for your opinion and for sharing with others.

Recently, I was the Bzzagent for CoverGirls lipstain and received several $1 off coupons to share with others so they could purchase this and see how great it is for themselves. There were just to many good things I liked about the product:
-It goes on easily.
-It doesn't come off (great when you spend as much time I have in bed after surgery)
-Hubby likes it because it isn't thick and heavy like regular lipsticks
-It has a nice light Raspberry Vanilla flavor
-Fits in your purse or your pocket

I have the Bzz logo on the right sidebar, just click and sign yourself up for a Bzz Campaign. It is fun and I enjoy it and the other perk is you can receive My Points for some of your comments and there, you can save points and receive free gifts!

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