Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Rough Night

After having the kind of night I had last night, I am seriously looking forward to seeing my doctor tomorrow.
I was exhausted yesterday and just felt I needed to go to bed early, so turned off the lights at 9:00 pm and by 9:27 pm, I had my first back spasm that got me writhing in pain.

I had two more large ones by 10:00. Throughout the rest of the night, I was woke up by these gripping and painful spasms. I tried to get a massage last week, however a friend of mine who is a licensed therapist told me not while I have my stitches in. So, hubby rubbed my back where I thought I felt the spasms most.

This could just be part of the healing process, but I have known others that have had this surgery and they didn't go through this pain. So, I will talk to the doc tomorrow and in the meantime, I am going to take a nap today while the kids are gone. Wish me luck!

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