Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grandchildren and The Fair

When we began talking about attending our local county fair last week, the sun was out and shining brightly, however yesterday morning it rained a bit and threatened to cancel our plans. However, the one thing we know, is if we have rain, usually Elma has sun, so we ate lunch at home and dressed warmly and off we went!
Hubbies company scored some entry tickets and parking passes, so we only had to pay for the kids entry and that made it nice. I ran into several students I know from school and they were all happy to see me and curious about my friend, the walker!
The kids loved the rabbits, goats, chickens, cows and pigs. I do think they love the Zedonk (Zebra and Donkey) the best. Each time I go to the fair, it just pulls at my heart strings, how great it would be to have some land (I know, I gave up almost an acre in Arizona feeling God pulling us to Aberdeen) so the kids could raise a few animals and join Future Farmers of America or 4 H. (Long Sigh)! Our oldest son was in Future Farmers years ago and raised pigs.
I was amazed this year at the variety of hens there were from fuzzy looking hens to painted looking hens, it was very educational. I love the miniature horses and was amazed that they can be used as assistance animals and I love the cute little pygmy goats.
The kids and Papa rode almost every ride there, from the meek to the all out scary and not only did they ride them once, but many of them, they rode 3 and 4 times and not once did they puke or wet their pants! I was amazed at Diva girl when she rode the hammer by herself because everyone else backed out. I had the best time on the ground and watching the looks on the faces of my family as rode. This year, Tomboy only disliked one and that was the Ferris Wheel, she doesn't like sitting up so high!
I managed to hang in there with all the walking, however, once in the car, my legs rebelled when it was time to get out. I only had a few back spasms last night, however, I sat up until 0230 reading the Yada Yada book, because for some reason I was wide awake!

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