Thursday, August 20, 2009

Missed Doctor Appointment

Argh! For some reason this morning I had a premonition that hubby needed to take my cell phone to work with him. Of course it wasn't until after he left that I remembered he lost his work phone yesterday and that leaves me with no communication with him at all.

My friend who was going to take me to Olympia today for my doctor appointment and then we were going to go to Macys for a make-over or girls day as she calls it, just called me and she has a major migraine. Oh, I do remember those days, she sounds so bad!

Now, I am here & I can't get to my van (hubby has it at work) and I don't have extra set of keys to it, so I am going to have to call and cancel my doctor appointment and reschedule it and I can't keep track of what days hubby works and what days he doesn't!

Moreover, we really need to get his truck fixed, but that isn't in the moon and stars at this time!
I have had it up to my ears with patience and needing somebody to drive me all over town...Arrggh!

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