Friday, August 7, 2009

More Changes...Post Op Picture

This is the first day I have really been dressed (out of gowns, pj's & shorts) and where I actually put on some makeup and tried to look human. Actually, we are going to the county fair today, so I had to put some jeans on (they don't feel good on at all) so I won't freeze.
I was thinking the hammer and octopus would be good rides for me. HAHA, NOT!! We will eat lunch here at home and then go so we are not buying food at the rip off prices the fairs charge. I mean, for all the good many of the booths do for charity and organizations, it is fine, but still, the prices they want for just a bottle of water....
I will take the walker and lucky for me, there are plenty of places to just sit down, because I have a feeling this will be a challenge and pushing the 3 block requirement the doctor wants me to be on. I really have to loose some weight and especially the spare tires around my middle! But, can't do anything until the doc says so.
I went to Olympia yesterday, they removed every other stitch in my back, said it looks great and they were impressed by hubby doing such a great job. I go back next week for the remainder of the stitches to be removed, then an X-Ray a few weeks later and another appointment the end of August. I have a feeling, I am not going to be ready for work, but don't know how disability plays into all of this!
I received some wonderful Joyce Meyers things in the mail yesterday...100 Ways to Simplify Your Life
and a DVD on Spending Time With God, I really need to do both and Joyce is such a spirit filled counselor for women on Godliness and just plain common sense as times.
I am closing my Etsy shop down. I have had it for awile and no matter how many times, I blog it, google it, Facebook or twitter it, I am just not getting any sales and I feel it is because Etsy has just such a huge following. I will still purchase from sellers, but I am going to try Art Fire which is totally free.
I am also having my muscle relaxers changed due to the many muscle spasms I have had all of a sudden over the last few days. Sleeping has been fitful and moving impossible. Keep those prayers coming and great thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I mentioned this to you before but did you have your doctor check your potassium levels? After my full spinal fusion I had horrible spasms as well and they determined my potassium level was done. Started giving me potassium tablets and wah-lah, no more spasms.

Rannyjean said...

I totally forgot all about that, but will speak with her next week!
Thanks so much for checking in on me!