Friday, September 18, 2009

Keeping Busy

I took this picture this morning of hubby because our dear son Adam, has his poor wife Katie terrified of meeting us. You see, hubby has this knack for knowing if someone is a good person and over the years, all of us have learned he is always right with his intuitions. Adam told Katie she would have to pass the 'Dad,' test.
I am pretty sure she thinks he has horns and looks like some monster, so I told him to give me his best smile and it always lights up a room, so I hope Katie see's he is just a person and we all love him and Adam is being Adam!
On the other hand, she is worried about me, because she knows I tell it like it is. I told her yesterday on the phone: 'Let me get this straight, you don't think I will like you? What is not to like? You work full-time, you use birth control, you take care of your baby, your home and Adam, sounds wonderful to me.'
So, I have been back to work the last 2 days and the results are nothing to write home about. Yesterday, I realized when I was working with a group of second graders, I was trying to bend and I am not supposed to and I was on my feet walking around helping them with their math and my back was screaming. Then I had to go upstairs to another room (the school has an elevator) then down (I use the stairs down), then up, then to the office, then walk to another room in the middle of the school, back to the office and then to the back of the school. I did my best not to cry. Came home and laid in bed for awhile before opening cans of Ravioli for dinner.
BUT..........all is not lost. As I prop myself up on pillows and not only finished the American Jane quilt, I finished a log cabin table mat for the center of my table and you can reverse the sides to what mood I am in. It is exactly the width of the center leaf on my table and as you can see, I used the same fabrics I am giving away.

I tried to get a really good close up of the middle of this piece because I think the colors are so bright and vibrant, however our digital doesn't always do what I want it to. But I think you can look at it and see how well it came together. I sit in bed and hand work all the bindings & it keeps me busy.

The border fabric and the backing I was blessed with last year when I was in an apron swap and my partner sent me the extra to make a matching apron for the girls. I still have the bulk of it, but haven't had time to make the girls aprons. Maybe before Thanksgiving this year??

I feel so useless as it is, so at least I feel like I am doing something when I am in bed by doing some needle work, reading my bible and I worked extensively with the babies this summer to keep school work fresh in their minds.

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