Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Clearance Day & Not At The Stores...

I got a really great file box yesterday by a company called Homz and let me tell you, it was about $6 cheaper than any of the others I located. Each year, I clean out my file drawers and shread stuff I saved but no longer need, gather up my tax information for our accountant and go back 7 years and shred all of that.

But I don't just empty the file drawers and files, I removed the file hangers and place them in one of these plastic file boxes so they can be stored in the attic. Before having an attic, all our papers were stored in cardboard boxes in the laundry room. It is really much simpler to just pick up the entire file and store it.

That is what I like about Homz motto, 'life, simply organized,' you just cannot say it or do it any better. When our lives are organized, so are we and we feel better and things flow better than kicking through all the clutter everyday.

I just love being organized and I start each year out on the right foot and maybe this will be the year I am so organized, I even amaze myself! It beats the alternative and that to me is mess and junk all over!

Back in June, hubby purchased and painted some shelving for the kids rooms. Nothing special, but a place for the girls to display the porcelain dolls my mom has given them, their bell collection from my mom and for Jonathan to display his favorite Spiderman items. To me, this helped take their dolls out of their closet and display them. I had also purchased a 5 peg coat rack for the stair well.

I asked in July to have them put up, August, September, are getting the picture. Finally, hubby told me he would put them up a few days ago on his day off and as he stated, 'I promise this time.' Well, they are now up, but on the morning he said he would, he became very angry about the entire thing and I was confused and hurt.

He complained he only purchased 2 (that is why there were 3 identically painted shelves), he hated the way they were made and on and on. I asked him why he was so angry at me for having him do something he said he would do 5 months ago? Why did he have such a problem with it? I also asked him (since he uses the downstairs door more than we do) wouldn't he prefer to have one of his coats right there?

Once the shelving was up, I gave him a hug and told him how much I appreciated it and then, I said, 'I know you will feel much better, because now that it is done, you won't have to hear me nag anymore.'

If we are to uncomplicate our lives and feel better, we simply must get rid of the junk, clean up the messes as we go along, keep everything in the same place (yes John, today I DO know where my keys are, LOL!) and get rid of the clutter!

My hubbies office is a mess and it is so bad, I won't even take a picture to show you. He never throws anything away, he fills the trash can but never empties it, he never vacuums his floor or dusts, it is simply the most unsightly part of our home and even having it in the basement it isn't hidden away enough for me.

What makes me laugh is that no matter how many times I go to do the laundry, if he is down there, he will tell me, 'I will clean up this mess soon,' which translates into hubby speak for, 'I know if I wait long enough, you will get sick of it and clean it for me.' NOT this time baby, not this time. I am limited by my back and my pain and I don't have the umph needed to clean up his mess.

I don't get it! His tool area and his office is a mess. Months ago, he purchased cabinets to hang (they are hung), he put in a countertop and enclosed the patio and is a disaster and it is to bad, the kids and I can no longer access the back door without worrying about tripping over something.

MESSAGE TO HUBBY AND ALL CLUTTER BUGS....clean up your messes. I am not saying your areas have to be immaculate, but if someone else can get hurt by your clutter, if you see mouse droppings around the area, smell funky smells or see some strange science project oozing out of your is time to clean up and toss out!

The truck my husband works out of is immaculate! He knows where everything is, keeps it clean and neat and tidy and if someone else borrows it on his day off and doesn't put everything away, he gets upset and yet.............his office is, well lets put it this way, he still has bills down there from last year and they have been paid off!

Hubby used to collect keys (just in case he would need them again), well I can guarantee that #1-He didn't know what most of the keys went to.
#2-He couldn't use any of the old house keys he had.
#3-We had moved so many times, we no longer had the keys.

Aren't we all like that? Honestly? Don't we all have things we collect for reasons known only to ourselves? I am not talking about a true collection such as cookie jars, antiques, etc. I am talking about junk collections? For me, it was old magazines that might hold some wonderful recipe I just knew I would need! Guess what? I tossed those out last year and while I still have a few new ones; you guessed it, I am tossing them out today.

I look at it this way. If I die tomorrow, I surely don't want my family to have to go through piles and piles of junk and wonder why I would pile up such messes all over! We all do it. Whatever works for one, doesn't work for another! But this year, I truly hope I will give more and gather less and put my house in order.

Follow me for my progress!

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