Friday, January 1, 2010

How Much Fun We Have Had

I guess when you wake up on New Years day and your head isn't throbbing from a hangover, you can remember everything you did the night before and you didn't loose any of your clothes anywhere, then you know life is really sweet and maybe a bit boring, but you know you wouldn't want those old hangover days back for any amount of money!

You may want gravity to replace what it has let fall, but life is what it is and you learn to live with it. Not everyone can afford Botox lips and to be honest, I can't figure out why anyone would want them!

The girls got a digital camera for Christmas and when we first discussed it, I knew the oldest one would want it, but I didn't realize the youngest likes picture taking as well. They had so much fun today as we went driving around town taking a look at the various rivers and how high they were to their banks. Some had come over so much, the police were barricading roads. Trust me, we stayed out of these areas and only went to places were I knew we were safe.

I am not exactly camera material, but you can all see my face, hear my voice and realize just how crazy I am. I am soooooooooooo crazy, that no matter how much rain we get, I still love it and it doesn't bother me. It does however bother my arthritis at times.

Today, for the very first time in over 20 years, I bought a set of long johns/thermals and the kids talked me into getting pink. Why? Not that I need them for chills, but I am seriously taking up walking and with all the cold and rain, I need to have something under my jeans or walking pants, so my legs don't freeze. I have numerous sweat shirts, a great waterproof coat, rain & hiking boots, heavy coat, socks, gloves, I just needed the long johns!

The two youngest and hubby all have a set and they wear them religiously. However, the oldest and I just don't wear them...I think we could have used them today as we spent time outside being silly!

In this video, she taped herself holding her camera at arms length as she was fighting the wind and the rain and I think she did a great job. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but it is never boring having them around making me do things I wouldn't usually do!


John said...

She loves that camera doesn't she? Quite good with it also.

Rannyjean said...

Oh yes she does! More the video part and she loves to pretend she is a spy, so now with the camera who knows where she will be found!