Sunday, January 3, 2010

How Many Handmade Items Have You Purchased?

Last year, I was commited to purchasing handmade items from at least once shop in Etsy, Zibbet or Art Fire each month and I must say that I really did well until my surgery in June and my second surgery in July when I could no longer sit at the computer very well and when my paycheck came to an abrupt stop.

However, on that note, I purchased handmade soaps, note cards, a locket for my granddaughter, teachers valentine cards, a tea cozy, a diaper bag for my daughter in law and a few other things. I supported the breast cancer site in May by purchasing items for my Mothers Day giveaway and I purchased fabric and bamboo batting from on-line shops that participate in the Quilt Dash.

I was in a few apron swaps, fabric swaps and color swaps and I enjoyed each one of them and my grandchildren, well, they love to open all the new packages that arrive in the mail and see what was in them and once in awhile, you blessed them as well by enclosing some chocolates, cute stickers or even fabric to make them aprons with.

I know many of you make and sell handmade, but my question is, do you purchase handmade?
I am not the handmade police, but I believe with the economy the way it is, is more important than ever to support each other and purchase things we would normally purchase from the big 'W,' to purchase from someone who puts love and caring into their products, not buys stuff from China.

I hope you will take a moment and answer my survey on handmade and if you do purchase something handmade, would you please drop me a note, let me know what you purchased, the name of the shop and its URL? I love finding new shops and once again this year, I hope to purchase more handmade and less mass produced items and I love to feature new shops.

If you have a shop you would like me to feature, let me know. While I would love to have you donate an item for one of my monthly giveaways, it isn't always necessary, but is necessary to let me know you have a shop or I may never find you one my own.

Go out and make it a wonderful day and if you need prayers, you know where to find me!


Corn said...

I do occassionally at local stores, but not much, I admit. I know its made with love and better quality too....I will try my best to be more aware of it this year. Thanks for the reminder :) And when I do I will come back a post a link.

Dayna said...

When looking for a gift (if I don't make it myself) I look to Etsy first. I have made quite a few purchases (and trades) on Etsy in the past year. I have also sent others to Etsy to purchase items I think they might be interested in.

searchfamilies said...

I haven't purchased any hand-made items have been doing quite a few which went as Christmas Gifts
Hugs Janice