Monday, January 4, 2010

Kids Back To School Today

I have been a very bad Ranny, last week our little guy lost his second tooth and I took a picture of him and forgot to post it for everyone to see. This time, he pulled it out on his own (his oldest sister did anyway) as opposed to having his sister knock it out. So, now for the New Year, he really does want his two front teeth!

As you can tell, he actually has them in, they just need to come forward and slide in between his other teeth!

It took a few days for the tooth fairy to perform its job because he has such a death grip on his tooth trying to catch her as she removed it and gave him his 4 shiny quarters. Finally, disappointed 3 days later, he was rewarded.

So, they are back in school today and I have my bed made, my bathroom clean, breakfast is finished, my daily devotionals are read, my daily Bible reading is done, appointments have been made and all calls completed and it isn't even 11:00 yet!

I want to finish a quilt today, work on another one, do laundry and fix dinner. When I am home alone laundry means going out my side door, down the steps, walk around to my back door and go into the basement and I usually get a load done and then I am done and can't do anymore.

So, what are your plans today?

Do not forget that tomorrow I will be listing my giveaway and it will be fabulous. I have 2 shops (one handmade & one not) that have graciously donated to me for you, so please, when I list these shops, think ahead, think about birthdays, Christmas, Easter, special treats and don't just leave a comment for them, think about purchasing one or two items for gifting later this year.

Yes, I know it is right after Christmas, but it is the time of year my mom starts her shopping and I try to here and there. Just remember these people are like you, they make handmade items or own private shops (they aren't big box stores) and they rely on all of us.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no more about it until tomorrow!

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